Child Care Center

Our Child Care Center opened its doors on September 7, 1983 with Ms. Erma Bedwell as the director. Ms. Erma retired at the end of the 2012-13 school year. Cathy Pitts, who had been at the center since 1988, took over as director. Ms. Cathy retired in July 2022 and our current director, Julie Dunivan, took over as our new director.

Child Care Hours and Contact Information

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday: 8:15 a.m.-2:15 p.m.
Thursdays: Closed
Phone: 931-433-2800
Email the director

Our Curriculum

Our main objective is to make learning fun. If a child believes this, the thirst for knowledge never ends.

The toddler class (18 to 36 months) learns about farm animals, zoo animals, the family, and holidays for the first four months of the school year. This is transition time for the toddlers and a time for them to learn to play together, share, listen to stories, etc. Beginning in January, they are introduced to colors, numbers, and shapes.

The preschool class (4 and 5 years) is introduced to numbers, colors, and nursery rhymes. We touch on the alphabet (introduced to 3 letters per month).

Periodically, we have a special visitor or activity to go along with a letter. For example, during “B” week, we have a “bear party.” In “D” week, a dentist may come to tell us how to care for our teeth; “E” week, an optometrist may come to tell us how to take care of our eyes; “F” week, the fire truck comes, and “G” week a doctor may come and tell us about germs.

The preschool class also has “cowboy day” and “pajama day.” At other times, we may also have the police, Smokey the Bear, etc. If you would like to come and share something about your occupation with us, please let us know.

Child Care Monthly Fees

Number of ChildrenDays in Child CareFee
1 child2 half-days a week$85
1 child1 whole day a week$85
1 child1 whole day + ½ day a week$110
1 child2 whole days a week$140
1 child2 whole days + ½ day a week$165
1 child3 half-days a week$110
1 child3 whole days a week$195
1 child3 whole days + ½ day a week$225
2 children1 whole day a week$115
2 children1 whole day + ½ day a week$155
2 children(1 & ½ days) & 1 (1 whole day)$155
2 children1 (2 whole days) & 1 (1 whole day)$175
2 children2 whole days$210
2 children1 (2 & ½ days) & 1 (1whole day)$195
2 children1 (3 whole days) & 1 (2 whole days)$265
2 children3 whole days$305
3 children1 whole day$170
3 children2 whole days$310
3 children2 whole days & ½ day$355
3 children3 whole days$400


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