Our Session

The Session of First Presbyterian Church

The session is the council for the congregation. It shall be composed of those persons elected by the congregation to active service as ruling elders, together with all installed pastors and associate pastors. The session shall have responsibility for governing the congregation and guiding its witness to the sovereign activity of God in the world, so that the congregation is and becomes a community of faith, hope, love, and witness. – Book of Order G-3.0201

The Session meets on the third Wednesday of every month.

Moderator of the Session – Bruce McVey

Class of 2021

  • Harold Dawkins
  • Martha Kelly
  • Jack Williams

Class of 2022

  • Colin Wakefield
  • Ellen Scott
  • Todd Jennings

Class of 2023

  • Adam Bagley
  • Sonia Harper
  • Jessica Posey

Each member of the session serves as a chair or co-chair of one of the church’s committees.

2021 Church Committees

Jack Williams – Session 2021, Chair
Debbie Fraley
Nan Wakefield
Elaine McGarry
Steve Yates
Judy Cunningham

Christian Education
Martha Kelly -Session 2021, Chair
Kay Campbell
Susan Graham
Mary Ann Marsh
Russell Mays
Kay Campbell
Wilder Posey, Youth Representative
Bruce McVey, ex officio

Congregational Care
Cyndi Bagley — Session 2020, Chair
Cary Sullivan
Bonnie Hereford
Rhonda Seitzinger
Martha Len Hamilton
Martha Farrar
Jessica Posey
Kay Wheatley

(Responsible for the Adult Care Board and Child Care Board)
Sonia Harper, Co-chair
Ellen Scott, Co-chair
Betty Holman
Kay Johnson
Janice Thomas
Rhonda Seitzinger
Kathy Mays
Dan Croley

Adult Care Board
Sonia Harper, chairperson
Kay Wheatley, secretary
Debbie Fraley
Janie Denis
Dee Schoenrock
Rhonda Seitzinger
Janice Thomas
Margie Gray
Ellen Scott, Session liaison

Colin Wakefield– Session 2022, chair
Susan Graham
Dan Croley
Gary Hartwig
Betty Holman
Randy Johnson
Adam Bagley
Bruce McVey, ex-officio

Harold Dawkins – Session 2021, chair
Ken McGarry
David Bagley
Blake Copple
Pat Fraley
Leigh Anne Harrington
Dexter Sullivan
Donna West

(Responsible for Church History Committee)
Todd Jennings -Session 2022, Co-Chair
Adam Bagley-Session 2023, Co-Chair
Joseph Hamilton, Pulpit Supply
Keeley Bagley, Scripture Readers
Brad Horsman
Susan Graham, A/V
Kay Johnson, Usher/Greeter Scheduling
Jeanne Cannon, Flowers

Church History
Ellen Scott, Chair
Jeanne Cannon, Co-chair
Mike Ashby
Rhonda Seitzinger
Martha Farrar
Kathy Mays

David Bagley

Assistant Treasurer
Harold Dawkins

Clerk of the Session
Carol Foster


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